3 Go To Styles for when You’re Running Behind

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3 Go To Styles for when You’re Running Behind

We can’t always get out the house in a timely fashion and sometimes we need a few extra minutes of shut eye! Even though you need your beauty rest you have to get to where you are going on time! No worries, you do not want to be caught slipping with bad hair. Here’s some helpful styles to help:

1. Twist n Bun
No need for the basic ponytail that can look messy sometimes! Instead, take the front part of your hair to create a flat twist across the front. You can add along the side and pull the rest into a perfect bun! Brush up your edges with your favorite edge control and you’re out the door.

CRH Twistnbun
2. Headband Chignon
This is a super easy and perfect style to complete! Find one of your trusty headbands (preferably one that isn’t stretched too much) and a few hairpins for unruly hair pieces. Check out the tutorial below to help you out!


3. The Chic French Braid 

If your hair is long enough, it may be easy to throw it into a ponytail but take the alternative route. This chic french braid is a very adult take on the braids you know. If you’re comfortable with braiding, this will take no time.
We hope all of these suggestions, helped you!


Let us know what your favorite go-to styles you use when you’re running a little behind for work?!

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