3 Things You Should Know About Relaxers



1. What type of relaxer are you using, sodium, calcium or ammonium thioglycolate? 

While it is possible for a person to switch between the different types of relaxer it is not recommended to vacillate between different chemical combinations. Decide which one is best for your hair care needs and develop a healthy hair maintenance routine.

2. What type of relaxer did you use the last time you relaxed your hair?
You need to know the last time you relaxed so that you can allow enough time to pass between applications so to avoid overlapping the product on your hair as much as possible. Knowing what relaxer you used is important because not all relaxers are the same. Individual companies determine what their timing requirements and designate the strength of their relaxer.

3. How do you care for your hair between relaxer applications?
Caring for your hair is always imperative to maintaining healthy hair, you must ensure to keep your hair clean and moisturized. A clean scalp encourages hair growth and keeping your hair moisturized will help manage breakage. Be sure to not over use heat or put extreme pressure on the hair strands.

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