4 On-the-Go Styles we Love

Hair wrap 

​Sometimes life can be a huge rush between our work schedules, fueling our side hustle and let’s not get started on family obligations, maintaining our hair can be hard. When life does come at you fast our hair definitely suffers for it when we don’t find time to take care of it. Aside from a weekly to biweekly hair washing, it maybe a little hectic to fit in time to create the perfect hairstyles. So we put together some go to styles that know will help you out!


  • Crown Braid

With this style you can keep it for a few days by tying your hair down with a scarf each night. All you have to do is decide where your part will go. Begin braiding your hair and secure bobby pins on each side stopping at your ear. Next, take your hair in the back and create one braid connecting each side, tuck your hanging braid by securing it with a bobby pin! Brush your edges with your favorite edge control and you’re good to go for 2-3 days!

Crown braid

  • “Cinnabun” Curls

This style will help you to keep your curls a lot longer without continuing to apply heat to your hair. You can achieve this by splitting your hair into two sections, twist in the direction of your curl and twist around into a Cinnabon like shape. Secure your hair with a bobby pin or a hair clip. The next morning (or night) simply pull out the buns and shake out your curls. (Click the picture for the full tutorial) 

Cin Bun

  • Slick low bun

There are no worries with this style! You can keep this look for a few days by tying your hair each night. This is a for sure safe and easy hairstyle for those moments when you don’t get the chance to help your hair.

Slick bun 2

  • The Wrap

If this all else fails and your job allows, grab a cute head wrap to go with your outfit! Add a great pair of earrings and out the door you go! This will at least give you time to plan out your next style!


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