4 Reasons to Always Wrap Your Hair. . . (Even when you don’t feel like it).

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4 Reasons to Always Wrap Your Hair. . . (Even when you don’t feel like it).

Believe it or not, wrapping your hair is an important aspect of maintaining and keeping your hair healthy. Let’s face it, there are many nights where we want to plop down on our beds and sleep until the next morning. Having a nightly routine can help save your hair, skin and pockets in the long run. From hair damage to skin breakouts wrapping your hair isn’t just about having a nice hair style the next morning, it’s about maintaining and keeping your hair healthy. Check out these 4 reasons why you always should wrap your hair at night.


Say goodbye to breakouts.

Although many may not realize it, our hair can clog our pores and cause breakouts if we do not wrap it. By falling asleep and moving around your hair will lay and brush against your skin. Not to mention with it being unwrapped can leaves oils on your pillow allowing them to be there even when you do wrap your hair.


Detangle free!

We all want to have an easy morning but if your hair is tangled you can forget that, unless you sleep in a straight jacket! Like most of us in our sleep, you will eventually move around causing your hair to tangle. Here’s a style tip: hold your hair in place with bobby pins to pin curl your hair for flowing waves in the AM. 



Keeps your style.

You just paid your dream hairstylist to blowout and style your hair, are you going to ruin it by not protecting it while you sleep?! Keeping your new or favorite style can be easy if you wrap it before you lay down and sleep like a princess.



Locks in moisture.

No one wakes up happy to see that their hair has dried out. Wrapping your hair allows your natural oils and conditioner to nourish your hair and not be left on your pillow!


We hope this gave you encouragement to start wrapping your hair every night. Oh! Don’t forget to use a silk scarf at night too!

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