4 Ways to Maintain your Hair in the Fall

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4 Ways to Maintain your Hair in the Fall

Summer has come and gone, and Autumn is here! As the seasons change, hair changes too! Going from humid days and nights to chilly ones with dry air, not only do our bodies feel the change but our hair does too. We must protect our hair and scalp from the weather ahead! Here are a few things you should consider doing to maintain your hair throughout this new season.


Stay Moisturized.


When the weather changes, the air will changes too! Soon the weather will be dry and our hair is more likely to dry out faster. Try looking for a new hair moisturiser or add more hot oil treatments to your washing routines to keep moisture in.  

Use Natural Products. 


We all know that using natural products is the healthier choice for hair use, but it really does help when you stop using shampoos, conditioners or dyes that strip your hair. You want to keep as much natural hair and body oils during this time of the year. Search for organic and natural products you can use like honey and olive oil!

Eat Well and Stress Less.


Many may not realize it, but stressing and bad eating go hand in hand for most people. Although eating has a lot to do with our body figure, it also has an affect on our hair. Try adding sweet potatoes, apples, pumpkins, and citrus foods to your diet to stimulate healthy hair growth. Stressing may also cause you to eat more food that only promotes making you feel better at the moment and can cause hair loss. Less stress means less hair loss and more good hair days!

Deep Condition More.


Most know that deep conditioning is key but how many actually take the time to deep condition when we do our own hair. We may have gotten away with it during the Summer, but Fall will have you deep conditioning every week (as you should). Take a little more time out of the week and make sure your hair is conditioned and is locking in moisture because the cold is coming!

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