4 Ways To Maintain Your Short Hair


Short hair will always be “in” when it comes to hair styles . From Salt-n-Pepa’s accidental but extremely fly asymmetrical hair cut to Teyana Taylor’s striking cut, black women have been rocking and reinventing short hair. Find out below a few ways on how you can easily maintain your short hair.


Learn when to trim your hair.

The time in between leaving the hair salon and begging your hairdresser for your next appointment can be crucial. Learning how fast your hair grows while managing the texture of your hair can be hard at first but you’ll soon learn. Try scheduling your salon visits every 6 weeks and see how you manage.




Lock in that moisture.

Sometimes using heat can be inevitable but when you do use your heating tools, keep your hair moisturized. Especially your ends! Using a leave in conditioner or co-washing on your hair can help keep your hair moisturized. (We love Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner!)



Keep those edges slick!

If you ever wanted to have your hair “laid to the gods” then a short cut might for you, literally. Although, figuring out the right products for your hair texture can be the tricky part. You can invest in a stick pomade like Big Head by Tigi Hair Stick, ORS Olive Oil edge Control or, set it with Motions Styling Lotion. (Here’s a tip: use a rat tail comb or toothbrush to help part and smooth your edges!)


Let it grow!

You don’t have to use chemicals and heat just because your have short hair. There are ways to avoid heat damage and many cute styles that you can do while it grows. Check out this helpful video below by Yulanda Sabrina.




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