5 Pins that should be in your ‘Hair’ Pinterest Board

Pinterest is the ultimate help when it comes to procrastination these days! Even though you can spend countless hours on the site, or app, it does have a lot of value, especially for hair inspiration! Along with planning your future apartment decor, dream outfit or wedding; you can also plan your next hair transformations! Here are a few of our favorite pins we think you should add to your board!

1. Bangs, Anyone?!

Kelly Rowland always has a nice bang no matter what era you may know her from! A bomb pic of bangs, rather with short or long hair, is a definitely a must in your Pinterest board.



2. Your Hair-Do for your Future Big Day

You’ve already planned your big wedding day in your head (it’s okay, everyone does it) so why not plan out your hair styles too?!


3. Pictorials are a Must!

One thing better than an a youtube tutorial, is Pinterest’s pictorials with nice detailed pictures to help us out!


4. Colors and Cuts

One can dream, right?! Having different cuts and colors on your board that you hope to try someday, will never leave you without imagination!



5. Banging Bobs

I think everyone can appreciate a nice bob and Pinterest a lot that are really nice to admire and recreate!



Your hair Pinterest board is just a perfect resource to check out before visiting your stylist or before making your next hair transformation! What do you have in your hair Pinterest board?!

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