5 Questions To Ask Your Hairstylist

Have you ever been at home and wondered how your hairstylist made you feel amazing during your appointment? Hairstylist are truly gifted at what they do but most of us cannot go in every week for a touch up or to ask everyday questions. Next time you are in the salon, here are a few questions you should ask your stylist about curling techniques, styling options, caretaking and more!

How often should I wash and condition my hair?


Timing your hair washing days can be tricky. Whether you are wearing your hair relaxed or with extensions, you could wash your hair too often or don’t seem the need to wash it as much. Ask your stylist how often you should wash your hair based on your current style and also ask if you should co-wash with conditioner.

How high should my flat iron be on when I curl or straighten my hair?


Heat damage won’t appear overnight but after flat ironing your hair for a few days on high temperatures, you will notice a difference. Ask your stylist what should be the highest temperature any heating tool should be to touch your hair and even ask about heat protectant oils.

Should I wear edge control everyday?


Some women have seen that constantly using edge control has resulted in damaged edges. Ask your stylist better ways to keep your edges laid than using products. You can even ask if there are natural or edge repairing products that will help you lay down your edges.

What is the best way to create and keep my curls?


Trying to work a curling iron or flat iron to curl your hair can be difficult if you haven’t practiced. Many women opt out and use curling rods but who want to “sleep pretty” every night?! Ask your stylist about other ways to create bouncy curl and keep them throughout the week.

What should I wear on my head when I go to sleep?


We all know about wrapping hair but some styles like short bobs, very long extensions and braids can be hard or impossible to wrap. Ask for tips on different wrapping techniques and whether you should invest in a better bonnet and/or scarf.

How do I grow my hair out?


Have you been trying to grow your edges, nape or all of your hair? Ask your stylist the best styles for you to wear so that you can grow your hair out and try to wear them within the next few months. Even ask about products that will help hair growth!

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