5 Tasty Foods That Help Hair Growth!

The holidays are approaching and that means food, food, and more food! From healthy mixed salads to deep fried turkeys, eating is definitely something we all look forward to around this time! But we must face it, we’re not going to eat every healthy choice like we should during the holidays. With that said, we must try to fit healthy choices in our “diets”, especially for our body and even more importantly for our hair.
Here are 5 tasty and familiar foods to fit into your diet this holiday season to promote healthy hair growth!



From gaining strength to being an amazing addition to salad, spinach also helps your hair! With this iron filled green you’ll be fueling up your body literally from head to toe.



Yep, these delicious clams aren’t just fun to eat but healthy too! They happen to be filled with Zinc. Which in many cases if you don’t have enough, can cause hair lost.



Like Salmon, avocados are filled with fatty acids that help stimulate hair growth.



From protein, Vitamin D and omega-3 acids salmon is the must have meat of this season. You can even mix it with spinach and get a double dose of help for hair growth!



Although they may not be in season, we are pretty sure you will find a strawberry upside down cake during the holidays! Dig in because strawberries help fight against breakage and give your body a boost of Vitamin C!

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