A Quick Study in Proper Hair Washing

The task of washing your hair may seem simple to complete. You apply shampoo and then rinse it out. Tada! The job is done, or maybe not. Like you, your hair also has unique needs. The human body needs a bountiful regimen of nutrients to keep it thriving. Your hair follicles also crave that same kind of individualized attention. If you want to keep your hair feeling and looking luxurious to the touch, a 2-step hair washing process isn’t the answer.

Everything In Moderation

You’ve decided to change your hair hygiene practices for the better. What do you do now? Before you decide to dive in “bed head first” and wash your hair every day even twice a day, check out this quick hair care list of “Do’s and Don’t”:

  1. Do keep excessive oil away from your hair. Hair care experts recommend washing your hair only two to three times a week. Why? Excessive washing actually causes your hair to produce more oil.
  2. Don’t slouch on the rinsing. Quick showers aren’t the best for your hair. Shampoos and conditioners often contain sulfate which acts as a harsh detergent on your hair. Without proper rinsing, your hair undergoes overexposure to chemicals that dry, dull and damage follicles.
  3. Do get picky with hair products. There is a wrong shampoo for your hair. If your hair is prone to breakage, hydrating shampoos can help. For those who have excessive oiliness in their locks, stay away from moisturizers and invest in purifying products. ( Extra Tip: If you decide to use conditioner, apply it only to the ends, that way it doesn’t compromise the strength of your hair at the roots.)
  4. Don’t use extremely hot water. Warm or even lukewarm water opens hair cuticles and allows beneficial nutrients to complete their task effectively. Finish off a warm shower with a quick cold rinse to close the cuticles shut and seal in the nutrients.
  5. Do use a gentle hand when washing your hair. Everyone can appreciate a quality massage. It’s a stimulating way to energize your body and mind. Your hair benefits from a 1 to 2-minute massage done gently. Massages boost blood flow which also encourages hair growth. Your easily breakable roots will thank you too!

Proper hair maintenance takes time. In the end, your patience will pay off in no split-ends!

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