Are you ready for the cut life?

They say if a woman cuts her hair, she is about to do some amazing things! It’s nothing like feeling confident and not depending on having long hair to make you feel or look beautiful! We have pulled together a few celebrity hair cuts that we love, check them out below, they might just give you the inspiration you need to experience the cut life!


Bey Hair 1Bey Hair - 2

That moment when everyone on the internet stopped what they were doing and went to see if Beyonce really cut her hair! (It ended up being a wig for a video, but who cares she looked Flawless!)

LeToya Hair 1LeToya Hair - 2

Letoya  Luckett shocked all of us with this beautiful chop earlier this summer! Doesn’t she just look absolutely gorgeous?

Meagan Good Hair 1  Meagan Good - Hair 2

While filing the moving Jumping the Broom Meagan Good stunned us all with her short side swoop bob. While on set, she met her now husband, Devon Franklin! See what a new look can do for you ladies? It might help you find a new man!

Nia Long Hair 1Nia Long Hair 2

From the 99’s to the 2000’s Nia Long’s 1995 hair cut will always be our favorite! From leading roles on the Fresh Prince to The Best Man her hair cut was a staple for young women!

Rihanna Hair 1Rihanna Hair 2
During 2009 to 2013, Rihanna rocked a series of short hair cuts between her Rated R album and Unapologetic album! This hair cut definitely gave Rihanna that edgy look, and introduced us to “Bad Gal” Ri Ri !
Tyra Hair 1Tyra Hair 2
When Ty-Ty made the big chop last year we all smized and fell in love! Tyra Banks announced a few months later that she would be adding a a new bundle of joy to her family. Looks like a new cut can bring new beginnings!
micah long hairMicah - Hair 2
We can’t get enough of her amazing fashion videos, let alone her fierce hair cut. Fashion blogger Micah Gianneli will go down in history for rocking this stunning hair cut!

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