Benefits of Detoxing Your Scalp

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Benefits of Detoxing Your Scalp

One way to ensure the healthy retention of your hair follicle from root to end is to properly cleanse your scalp. A step further from shampooing is detoxing. Just like we detox our bodies from impurities our scalp needs the same. Here is how:

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The process is a mask for your scalp that thoroughly cleanses and exfoliate. The mask removes toxins from the follicles and oil glands. For a simple DIY all you will need is baking soda, olive oil and cinnamon powder.

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Step 1: Mix all the containers

Step 2:Part your hair into four sections and start to apply the mask to your scalp

Step 3: Massage the mask in a circular motion

Step 4 :Cover your hair with a shower cap for 10-15 min

Step 5 :Shampoo and condition hair as normal

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