Best Ways to treat Brittle and Damaged Hair

During the cold winter months, maintaining your hair’s shine and moisture can be a challenge. It seems as if the moment you step outside, your good hair day turns into a bad one with brittle and damaged hair! But don’t worry because Celebrate Relaxed Hair has you covered. Check out a few tips, ways and treatments to help keep your hair looking its best during the winter season.


Hot Oil Treatments

hot oil1

Adding extra moisture during the times you wash your hair will help cure brittle and damaged hair tremendously. After washing your hair you can mix our favorite hair oils like peppermint, lavender, jojoba, castor and coconut oil and sit under the dryer for 30 minutes. If you have time to spare wrap your hair in a plastic shower cap for about 1 hour and relax!


Deep Conditioning


If you’re not up for the hot oil treatment then we know you have conditioner in your home! Whether you visit your stylist or you wait 30 minutes after applying your preferred conditioner on, you will still get the job done and beat brittle hair. Try doing this every other week.


Trim Those Ends


We can’t stress this tip enough. With your hair being extra brittle due to the extreme cold, it can start to break off. You can combat unwanted breakage with cutting off any split ends right now.


Purchase A Hair Repair

moro treatment

If you want an all in one remedy, purchasing a hair repair product maybe up your alley! We love the Moroccanoil Treatment because it is created to boost shine and strengthen you hair. The mini bottle is only $15 at Sephora


Cover Up!


Protective styles are not only good for summer months but winter months too. Braid your hair down and wear wigs for a few weeks at a time! This will give your hair a chance to soak up any leave in conditioner and for it to not be exposed to cold temperatures!


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