Bling out your hair with these must have accessories!

With the rise of Cardi B. making history with her music, we all were watching and were very excited when she became engaged. The $500,000 rock on her finger not only made us happy for her but also gave us inspiration to wear more bling! Although her engagement ring maybe more than a few salaries combined, we found ways to incorporate blinged-out jewelry into your everyday lifestyle.

Check out these head turning, blinging accessories that you can add to your hair!


Hair Pins!


This easy and noticeable jewelry addition can be great for any occasion. From casual Friday’s at work to a Sunday morning brunch, pinning this head turner on the side or even securing your bun with it, will make a huge different. 

Grab this pin here!




Are you always throwing your hair into a messy bun? Instead of wrapping an elastic band around your hair, use a rhinestone headband to keep the fly-a-ways back! You can even dress it up or dress it down.

Grab this headband here!


Hair Chopsticks!

jwel_hair sticks

You probably wore hair chopstick back in grade school but if you find yourself searching for a hair bow (as always) you can grab these and add flare to your hair style!

Grab this set of hair chopsticks here!

Bobby Pins!

jewl_bobby oins

Similar to hair bows, we seem to lose bobby pins just as fast. With these fashionable and shining pins you wouldn’t miss or lose them! Add them to your bun, braids or simple have them hold hair in place.

Grab these bobby pins here!

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