Changing your style, one extension at a time.

Extensions, weaves, hair pieces or whatever you use, have been around longer than we can remember.Whether you have long or short hair, you have more than likely worn weave at some point in your life. It has served a purpose for making hair fuller, allowing you to have a different look and even help self esteem.  Nevertheless, there are days where we want to have a new look just for fun! Try out these unique hairstyles that you can do yourself (or have done professionally) with extensions!
Bangs. Ever wanted to have a full set of bangs but did not want to cut any more of your hair? Add extensions! Depending on how much time you have you can glue, sew or clip-in a small track in the middle of your bangs or from under your ponytail to add fullness!


Cornrows. Looking for a great “I don’t want to do my hair” hair-do? Cornrows can be a simple and/or unique style that will eliminate your “hair time” when you’re getting ready. Whether you do them yourself or get them professionally done, this style looks great with added hair!



Crown Braid. Although this style can be done with your own hair, adding braiding hair will give volume and add more versatility to the style! For an eye catching look try adding colored hair or accessories to your braid.

crown braid1

The Pony Tail. You can never go wrong with this style. If you just relaxed your hair and want to get it out of your face, then smooth it back and add extra length to the end! You can use a drawstring ponytail, insert clip-ins or wrap your weave around it!


Minnie Mouse Buns. If your hair length is medium to long then you have no problem pulling it up to obtain this look but it can be a challenge for those who have short hair. The trick is . . . add hair! Start with two buns at the top with some of your hair left down or pull all of your hair up into a two buns. Whatever style you choose make it your own.


Here’s a tip: For these styles make sure the hair you have matches the texture of your own hair for a smooth transition that isn’t noticeable.

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