Curls, Curls for the No Heat Girls

If you decide to take the challenge to become heat free for the next few months…… You’re probably realizing it’s quite difficult! It’s better just to get that instant look with a touch of heat, instead of sitting around dealing with your flat hair or that ponytail! Just because you are avoiding heat for awhile doesn’t mean you can’t have some life in that hair! Here are some awesome no heat curl options to give you some life!

The Head Band Method | Super simple idea you can quickly do before bed! Plus, it feels more comfy to sleep in than rollers and such! Adding some setting lotion will help your hair to curl easier.


Flexi Rods | This method maybe a bit complicated on your first try but this video should help you out!

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 10.47.11 AM


Bantu Knots | This style is quick and easy to do plus you can get a different look based on how tight the knot is. Loosen the knot to create a nice beach wave that looks cool and effortless or tighten the knot for a tighter, perm rod-like curl! Also adding a styler product will help you to make this look last for up to 3 days!


Though we know you would love to curl your hair with the nearest flat iron, these methods are easy and worth a try!

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