Do I need to trim or cut my hair?

Have you ever heard these words from your stylist: ‘you know you need to cut your ends right?’, we surely have. It’s widely know that cutting your ends can help hair growth but the big question is how much are suppose to cut off?! Some people cut off about an inch every now and then and some have routine cuts when they visit their hair dresser. There isn’t one golden rule that we all can follow because everyone’s hair is different. Read below to figure out when you should trim or cut your hair.


You want a new look – CUT IT!

At one point in our lives we all want (or wanted) to have that Nia Long-Rihanna hair cut but just didn’t know where to start. To begin the process you can make a picture collage, whether on your phone using screen shots or using on an app like pinterest! Once you have a theme going you can show your hairstylist and they can take it from there.




You want to maintain healthy hair growth – TRIM IT!

One key to maintaining healthy hair growth is cutting off those dead and split ends. If not, your hair will continue to split and will not grow as fast you want it. It’s typical to cut your hair every 3 months. You can try separating your hair and using a small tooth comb to clip your ends evenly or you can go to your stylist.



You have a new stylist – WAIT ON IT!

You don’t want to let just anyone cut your hair and you especially do not want your “trim” to turn into a full blown cut. Take some time to get to know your new stylist and talk to loyal customers in the shop. Nowadays social media and sites like StyleSeat can provide information on if the stylist is great at cutting or simply styling.


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