Don’t Leave Out Your Hair in Your Self-Care Routine

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Don’t Leave Out Your Hair in Your Self-Care Routine

It’s so easy to burned out with life, with so many things going on sometimes it doesn’t feel like you have enough time to make everything happen! Well the same thing goes for our hair, we can get into a constant routine of the never ending buns or head wraps! Which sometimes can cause us to neglect our hair and that’s never good.  Every now and again, we just have to take a minute to sit and take it easy! You may have self-care routines that may include social media breaks, face masks or a nice medi & pedi at your favorite salon…but what about for your hair?! Having fresh, moisturized tresses can always do you good! Here’s a few suggestions on how you can add some love for your crown of glory!

Hair Masks!

These are just so awesome to put on your hair, and chill around the house! Hair masks help to put the nutrients back into your hair that you may have been lacking due to the bun marathon! Below are some awesome DIY Hair Mask to try!


Just a Good Ole’ Shampooing

It’s nothing better than having clean hair and then you can add in a good scalp massage…….. *And the Angels Sing* You can even add in an additional hair appointment just for a quick wash! It’s great and good for your hair!

Remember, when your mom would sit you down to detangle and grease your scalp……


Now, that you’re an adult it may be a little easier! Every week or so make sure you take time out for yourself to oil your scalp and give it a great massage! Then you can throw on some face mask and it’s nap time! These things may seem really simple but sometimes it’s even easier to forget about ourselves and here’s your reminder to pull down that bun tonight! Share with us some ways you add some hair love and care into your self care routine!

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