Flat Iron Tips

Flat irons, curling irons etc.. can be very damaging to the hair if you’re are not using them properly. We have some ways you can achieve that bone straight press without damaging your gorgeous¬†tresses.


1. Invest in a good flatiron

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There are plenty of brands on the market and you can almost purchase one anywhere. When shopping for a flat iron for your hair the last thing you want to be is cheap. A good flatiron may run you $60-$100 dollars but it will be worth the money.

2. Have a at-home moisturizing conditioner

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Add the moisturizing conditioner to your wash routine to combat the heat that you’re using on your hair. The moisturizing conditioner gives you added protection and keeps your hair and scalp moisturized.

3. Use a heat protector

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Regardless of what heat tool you are using on your hair always use a heat protecter before you style. The heat protector does exactly what the name says protect your hair from heat. The heat protector also seals the hair cuticle and reduce moisture loss.

4. Use the proper heat setting for your hair type

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The quickest way to get heat damage is to use a higher setting than suggested for your hair. A setting for normal hair would be 300-380, for thick and course hair 350-400.

5. Do not use direct heat more than once a week

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After your first initial flat iron process refrain from flat ironing your hair again for the entire week. Overusing the flat iron adds too much heat to your hair and can cause it to easily damage and break off. To make the look last wrap the hair every each night and comb down the next morning.


Using this tips can help you maintain your healthy hair while looking fabulous with your flatiron style.



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