Get Your Dye On: Best Dyes and Tricks to Color Your Hair!

 If you have been wanting to make a change in your life, why not do it with you hair?! It’s no secret that 2017 has been filled with celebrity hair styles and dyes that we love. Although going platinum blonde like Solange or purple like Keke Palmer may not be for you, there is an unique color and technique that is. In some cases you won’t even have to dye your hair! Check out below on a few ways to create your best color! 



Platinum Blonde!

teyona taylor

We awe at this look by Teyana Taylor but going from black to platinum blonde is not easy and we suggest that you have a hair stylist (who specializes in dying hair) do this for you. If for some reason you’re a little hesitant to change your permanent hair color then a wig will suffice! A lace wig is the go to trick for a quick hair change. With the help of a great stylist it can look like your own hair and no one will even know the difference!


Red Hot!

eve red hair

Back in the early 2000’s many people had no problem going red, especially with short hair. If every time you become sad when you look you in the mirror at your hair, starting fresh and cutting it off maybe for you. Since you’re going to cut it off, you might as well color it too and we love Clairol Pro dyes.


Beautiful Blue!


This hair color may not be typical for a 9-5 but on the weekends it can be just right. The trick to achieving this colors is hair spray! Try  L’oreal ColoRista, it comes in 10 different colors and you can wash it out the next day. No commitment and no harm done.


Jet Black!

jet black

Many of us are not born with the luxury of having beautiful jet black hair. Achieving a jet black look may seem easy but it can be tricky. Remember to triple check that you have covered every strand and even apply vaseline to your edges, so to not have dye marks left behind (we don’t want anyone to know our secrets!). With this dye we can go back to the basics by using Dark and Lovely Fade Resistant Hair color.


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