Hair Split Ends

Women’s hairs are crowning glory. Every women loves their hairs and they are very conscious about them. Hairs make your personality more prominent and beautiful. But if we do not care our hairs then we have lots of many problems such as split ends, hair fall which make our hairs unhealthy and weak.


Split end occurs when a single hair split in to two or more hairs at the end point of the hairs. It mostly arises when your hairs are not requiring to keep more long hairs. It is due to physical, mental, chemical, mechanical stress Such as:

  • Using of Electrical Appliances to make hair style straight, curl, and perming. In simple words it is due to giving heat to your hair and cause wreak havoc in hairs.
  • Using a Hair Colors can also a cause of hair split ends because there hair dye contain a so many heavy chemical composition which cause a damage or weaken in your inside hair root.
  • Regular use of Blow Dryer is also unhealthy for the hairs, the hot air from the dryer sucks the natural moisture from the inner skin of the head and the hairs too.
  • It is also occurs due to Genetics Problem.
  • Hair Rebonding process contain too much heavy chemicals and it is supposed to be for 3 to 4 hours in your hair. Hairs become weaker when they are wet and when we use comb in wet hairs.


You can get rid from this problem and can take them away by taking a good care of them:

  • Examined your hairs closely if you have split ends then get a regular trim or you can also trim your tip by yourself.
  • Take healthy hair treatments, use a hair repair products according to your hair texture.
  • Use conditioner while washing your hairs.
  • Just try to use hair oil twice in a week.
  • After washing your hair dry them gently.
  • Try to eat healthy food which contains vitamins and protein.
  • Try to avoid heating appliance tools. Chemicals etc.

Try to use oil on your hair. Coconut oil is the very best oil for the hairs.

To get the most extreme results from your coconut oil hair treatment, take after Montana’s guidelines:

  1. Begin with altogether shampooed and towel-dried hair.
  2. Take a scoop of coconut oil (around a quarter of a modest bunch) and work it into your hair, beginning from the roots and finishing about mid-shaft.
  3. Cut your hair up, covering it in a towel or plastic covering, and hold up 30 minutes. (While you’re holding up, we suggest throwing together one of these normal face covers.)
  4. Jump back in your shower, wash, and after that cleanser twice. This sounds neutralizing, yet home treatments can develop in your hair on the off chance that you don’t altogether get it out.
  5. Apply once at regular intervals.

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