How Solange’s “Don’t Touch My Hair” is every girls anthem….



“Don’t touch my hair” may seem like something just basic to say when the lady at the bus station is wondering how you got your hair like that. However, Beyonce’s little sister Solo, had us all giving the poetry slam snaps after listening to her song about why you shouldn’t touch our hair.

“When it’s the feelings I wear” To the ladies in the office wondering how my hair is now long and blonde, yes, my hair was short and black yesterday! Our hair is not only our crown and glory, but a big part of our personality! Sometimes, our hair can tell the story of our life but then again it can be a mystery….. that no one needs to figure out!

“They don’t understand what it means to me” Our hair is an expression of ourselves and sometimes we may be constricted with our hair. Hair guidelines in the office and now the judgement of your hair during interviews. No one asks, why we wear it certain ways… but would they really understand?!



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