How to CURE a Bad Hair Day!

Bad Hair days can just turn your day upside down! Even before it begins, you slip that bonnet off and the scary movie horror music plays louder than ever! Since, wearing hats is most likely not allowed in the workplace, here’s some quick tips!


Headbands are just a lifesaver! When your bangs are just not here for you, simply slip them back! Wah-lah! Now you’re ready to conquer your day and everyone can see that pretty face of yours!


Pin-Up Styles!
Give yourself some little twist ups. Pins will help to create something you can be proud of! Check out this cute up-do style!

Scarf Life!

It’s so many ways to use a scarf to cure your bad hair day! You can tie the scarf around your ponytail to make it spiffy or tie the scarf around your edges into a cute bow in the back! Check out some more ideas below!



A personal fave! It’s always great to have that trusty wig to throw on in the time of trouble! Don’t have one? Try checking out some youtube reviews! Though you’ll probably get a thousand and one questions about how your hair was short yesterday and long today but……WHO CARES! Find a good one, keep it brushed and tucked away for when you need it!


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