How to Keep the Sleek & Shine You Started With

We don’t always know the best way to get that sleek & shine thats constantly advertised on commercials. Instead, we are stuck with brittle & dry hair that’s not commercial worthy! Here are some simple ways to help you keep that sleek & shine you deserve!


Oil Your Hair Each Night

Sometimes the dry and brittleness comes from the lack of moisture on your scalp. Remember when our mothers use to grease our scalps once a week, this is a similar concept! Oiling your hair will help to maintain the shine you’re trying to keep. A good daily oil to try is olive oil. A great application method is to put the olive oil in a bottle with a nozzle tip, that can be purchased at any beauty store, and part your hair and apply the oil throughout your scalp.This process will also help cure your itchy scalp. With this process please ensure to wash your hair every 2 weeks to prevent too much build up. The ORS Olive Oil Hair Care Line is also helpful for this.


Wrapping Your Hair with a Silk Scarf

Some may think this is a known fact but indeed there are people who don’t know this. Wrapping your hair in a circular motion each night , securing it with pins and a silk scarf will ensure to keep the moisture in your hair at night. This method is called the doobie method. The doobie method will help with locking in the moisture from your oil and help to maintain your style. Check out the video tutorial below to help you out!

Bonus: For Some Extra Bounce

To keep some extra bounce and body blowing out your hair with a round brush and flat ironing your hair in a c-motion will give you the body for the hair flip. The C-Motion method is slighting curving your flat iron at the root and at the ends of the hair the result will be a slight bump curl. This look can be preserved by pin curling your hair each night to keep the style intact.

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