How to keep your hairstyle while being about that gym life.

Ladies we can no longer use our hair as a excuse to not workout. That excuse is played out because there are numerous ways to maintain your style and workout as often as you need to. Here is how:

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.54.40 AM

Pull It Up- Keep the hair our of your face tie it up in either a ponytail, bun, and secure it with pins or clips.

Water Resistant Headband/ Scarf- These is a great hair accessory for ladies that naturally sweat through their scalp. The water resistant accessory keeps your head and cool and from sweating so you won’t ruin your hairstyle

Wrap- The last options is maintain your hairstyle is to wrap your hair. The same way you wrap it before bed this technique can work for you at the gym. Secure the wrap of course with pins or even a wrap cap

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No more excuses ladies we can now get our bodies fit and while keeping our hair tight!


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