How to Maintain Your Hair in College

You are off to start a new life! New school, no parents and are preparing for an entire new world to discover. You brought everything you needed for this journey except one thing, your hair stylist! Maintaining your hair on your own (until you find a trustworthy classmate or stylist to do it) can be very scary and even damaging. Applying the wrong products or burning your hair with heating tools are a few things that happen to college students when they start doing their own hair!

Do not worry though, here are 6 tips on how to maintain healthy hair while on your own in college!

Drink water


This maybe a simple rule but it can easily be forgotten to drink the proper amount of water you need. Water not only helps your entire body but it helps your hair grow too!

Do not forget to condition


Between extracurricular activities and staying up to date on working out, washing your hair can become very frequent. Try co-washing with conditioner since your hair needs all the moisture it can get, especially if you have relocated to a dry area.

Ask for help


The resident director and assistant are there to help you in all your needs when adjusting into a new semester. Do not be afraid to ask for help or tips on how they maintained their hair while in college.

Buy your favorite products before you head to school


Depending on the type of area your school is located, you can find yourself overwhelmed with too many product choices or find yourself in a frantic search for anything! Try stocking up before you leave home on your favorite products, until you figure out what works best for you in college.



It is ok to have a new hairstyle every month! College is about expressing your true self and what better way to show it than by changing your hair. Try out wigs, weave, crochet, short cuts, curly hair or even color!

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