Importance of Regular Trims

Are trims beneficial to hair retention?

Is the sky blue …. Yes, regular trims are a critical part of a healthy hair regime. They promote hair growth, prevent split- ends, prevent shedding and ultimately gives your ends a clean look after styling.

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Trims can be done at home or professionally done by a stylist, which ever makes you most comfortable.  If you are doing the trim at-home I recommend that you use a pair of hair scissors (shears) and a fine tooth comb as your two main tools.

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To begin trimming your hair part your hair in four sections and measure your hair using your two index fingers all the way to the end, comb the hair out perpendicular away from your face, cut where the ends are either split or uneven. Then finish by going over your work with the comb to assure you have trimmed enough.

Trims should be done every 3-4 months to assure your ends are healthy and strong.

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