In Living Color: Hair Dyes To Try!

After scrolling through Instagram daily, we are really sure you have contemplated coloring your hair! There are so many hair crushes on the explore page that will definitely give you the motivation to play around with color. If you’re too scared to try it out or your job maybe preventing from going all in with a new hair color … a good tip is to try a wig or a sew-in that is already colored. This way you don’t have to fully commit and can always make a change but if you are ready and have the ‘do-it-yourself’ skill, here are some good store bought hair color that is safe to try!

Clairol Texture & Tones

This brand is definitely a favorite and it is very affordable! This hair color has an easy application and is gentle on your hair.



 Clairol Jazzing Temporary Color

Jazzing is really awesome for trying out a color and since it is temporary color there’s no commitment. Jazzing also come in about 15 colors and is inexpensive, do we need to say more?!



Creative Image Adore

Creative Image Adore is a great semi-permanent color with lots of color options to choose from!


Good habits  for coloring relaxed hair:

  1. Timing- Do not leave the color in too long because you do not want to cause breakage. Make sure to monitor how long you leave the dye on your hair with a timer.

  2. Moisturize- Ensure to moisturize your hair weekly and possibly daily so your hair doesn’t become brittle and dry. Conditioning your hair one to every two weeks will also help keep your hair moisturized and keep your color looking fresh!

    What color are you considering trying out?!

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