Keeping it HOT! Heat Protection Tips

Keeping it HOT



Although you don’t have to straighten your hair as much with a relaxer, you still may want to give your hair some rejuvenation from time to time. Here are some tips to help you avoid heat damage!

1. Ensure your Styling tools plus your hair have been cleaned before styling

When your tools are not cleaned, they can collect lots of grease and gunk. This can cause your flat irons to burn out easily plus you want to ensure your hair is clean to keep from burning your hair. It also can keep the unpleasant burning smell away.


2.  Heat protectant is a must

Just in case you were wondering is it worth it, it is! Heat protectant not only can give your hair the sleek shine it needs, but it can protect your hair from the harsh heat. Not using it can leave your hair vulnerable to heat damage. Stay protected!


3. Ceramic Flat irons are the best

When selecting a flat iron, ensure that it is a ceramic iron and can go up to 400 degrees. Ceramic irons are more gentle on hair and don’t tend to snag your hair during usage.


4. Don’t Forget to Condition!

Using a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair will also help to protect your hair. It will also help with keeping your hair moisturized, it is great for detangling and the positives are endless.


I hope all of these quick tips will help you to keep it hot… but safe!

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