Let’s Keep It Healthy! Tips on How To Keep Your Child’s Relaxed hair Healthy

Let’s be honest, doing a child’s hair is not easy or fun all the time. We know there can be days where you would rather let your child’s hair fly all over, if it allowed you to gain a little extra sleep time. Although you may want to do this, you know you can’t so we have decided to share a few ways to simplify doing your child’s hair. From conditioning to hair tips check out how to keep your child’s relaxed hair healthy!


Find The Best Conditioner


With many people using oils and homemade products, using the best conditioner that you can buy would be great for your child’s hair. Keeping your child’s hair moisturized is a must, even with relaxed hair. Search reviews and even ask other moms what type of conditioners they use! This Mixed Chicks Kids Conditioner is great for all hair styles!


Don’t Give Them Bangs


Do you want your child to come home everyday having a new hair do?! Bangs are extremely cute but kids run around and can play too much in their hair. Try out other styles that your child may love. 


Let Their Hair Breath


Braids are easy go to styles for children but over time they can damage your child’s edges and hair. Make sure you take breaks between having your child’s hair braided. Also double check that you or the stylist are not grabbing every baby hair they see! Having baby hairs left out will help them in the long run!


Teach Them How To Style Their Own Hair


No one wants their child messing up their hair at an early age! Show them exactly what to do with their hair so when they do play in it (when you’re not looking) they can heave a sense of what to actually do!


Learn Simple and Heatless Up-Do’s

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 7.03.50 PM

Just like we don’t want to have your child bangs all over the place, we do not want their hair everywhere and burnt out either! Finding the best heatless up-do’s will help keep their hair out of their face and help it grow!


Have A Routine

hair washing1

We never know what to expect with children but having a set wash day can encourage hair growth. You won’t overstay a hairstyle, you’ll give their hair time to breath and you’ll be stimulating the scalp while washing it!


Trim It! (as needed)


Yes, the little ones need to have a trim too!

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