Maintaining Relaxed Hair While Working Out

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Maintaining relaxed hair while working out is a struggle that many face. Here are 8 tips to help your gym day go a little smoother for you and your strands.

Neatly Pin Up Your Hair  

Pinning hair up and off your neck will minimize friction from hair rubbing against clothing, stop hair from becoming saturated with sweat and help you maintain your hairstyle a little longer.


Invest In Moisture Wicking Head Gear

Sweat contains salt and salt can be very drying if left on our hair. Investing in a quality moisture wicking head wrap will lessen the potential for dry hair and dirty scalp. I have tried a number of moisture wicking products and found the Nicole Ari Parker Save Your Do Gymwrap to be the most effective at absorbing sweat without drying out my hair. It’s pricey but worth it!

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Protect Your Edges

As long as your edges are in check, the rest of your hair can look less than perfect and yet the overall look will still look put together. If you forgo the head wrap, try wearing a scarf around the perimeter of your head. The scarf will act as a moisture wicking headband to minimize reversion and keep your edges tamed and sleek. Feel free to touch up your edges post workout with an edge tamer of choice.

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Combat Reversion 

Absorbing sweat from your hair and scalp is an important step to combatting new growth reversion. Let me let you in on a secret! Trading out your damp moisture wicking head wrap for a dry one will help your hair dry faster and better!


Blow Dry on Cool

Don’t have time to let your hair air dry post workout? Try tension blow drying on cool to speed up the process! If you’re wearing a roller set or some other curly hairstyle, focus the airflow along the roots and scalp to avoid disturbing your curls.


Gym Day Hairstyle

Having a simple, go-to hairstyle will make getting in and out of the gym much easier. Buns, French braids, flat twists and other similar low manipulation hairstyles are great choices!

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Co-Wash to Increase Hydration 

Co-washing is a quick and easy way to remove sweat from the scalp and replenish moisture to our hair.


Relaxer Touch-Up Prep

Let your scalp rest for 72 hours after visiting the gym (this also applies to washing your hair) because pores can stay open for several days thereafter. Giving your pores time to close will greatly minimize the potential for scalp discomfort on relaxer touch-up day!


Working Out With Relaxed Hair [VIDEO]


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