Maintaining your Hair in Unpredictable Weather

The weather has been really crazy lately, especially on the East Coast! It’s hot, then it’s cold, then it’s a monsoon, then it’s snowing! Not only do we not know what to wear but we don’t know what to do with our hair! As women on the go, we do not have time for our hair to lash out and have its on mind! So here are some ways to protect your hair during these unpredictable weather patterns!


Keep your hair in buns – Buns help to protect your hair because you are tucking in your ends and keeping them away from the harsh elements! Oiling and conditioning your hair on a regular basis will also help keep your hair protected from whatever maybe outside.

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Flat Twist Pin-Up Styles –  This will also help to keep your ends protected but will be more forgiving on your hair since you won’t pull it up every day; which overtime could cause breakage. You can get creative with this style too! Just make sure you have a bunch of bobby pins nearby!

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Nightly Head Wrap – Don’t forget to wrap your hair at night! This will make a huge difference in your hair during unpredictable weather because you want to make sure you are keeping as much moisture locked into your hair as possible! Wrapping your hair at night after oiling your scalp will help the oils penetrate into your hair making it look super luscious the next day!

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Sew-ins –  If you are looking for something more long term, here’s your answer! Find a stylist you trust and great weave that can be worn long term! Sew-ins also promote growth and healthy hair! Plus you won’t have to combat the humidity or dodge the raindrops!

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Last but not least, always consult your hairstylist on what’s the best solution for you when it comes to protecting your hair in unpredictable weather!

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