New Year, New Hair Goals!

New year, new….. You know the rest of the phrase. Here’s your shot at a new beginning and new time to try, try, and try again! Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you have to change and become someone totally different. The new year is always a great time to get back on track with some things you lacked the previous year. If you weren’t able to meet your 2016 #Hairgoals, try again in 2017! #hairgoals can get mixed around a lot during the new year when we spend too much time scrolling a little too hard on youtube. Time to create your own #hairgoals to help get you through this next year and accomplish the hair you’ve always hoped for! Here are two to help get you started:


  1. No Heat for a Year

Sometimes excessive heat can be a torture to your hair, trying a year or 6 months to start without heat can give your hair the break it needs. Styles you can try instead: Roller Sets, Flexi Rod Sets and more! Try to look for more low heat styles to help get you through the time.


2. Growth Challenge

Trying a growth regime to help get you to your hair growth goals is a great new year starter. Here a few that will be cool to give a try:



Ask your girls to try it along with you! It’ll be fun plus they’ll keep you accountable! Show us your #hairgoals for 2017, we’d love to see how you hope to keep your relaxed tresses healthy in the new year!!

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