Simple Lifestyle Changes For Your Ultimate Hair Growth!

It’s time to get rid of those old hair habits and start putting to use a few natural ways to gain hair growth! When you search the internet you can find numerous tips and tricks on how to gain your hair back. From super hair pills to special conditioners and treatments it can be overwhelming for someone who wants to know where to start first. Don’t worry, Celebrate Relaxed Hair has created a list with a few simple steps you can take toward your ultimate hair growth journey.


Drink more water.


Although many people may not think about it, your hair is alive! It grows directly from your scalp and if your skin needs water then your hair surely does! Make sure you are drinking at least a half of gallon of water each day to flush out toxins and allow your hair to shine, shine, shine!

Stop stressing.


Yes, stress can actually make your hair fall out! And just like on TV, where a girl grabs a piece of her hair and a huge chunk falls out, can happen to you. Although this is the extreme stage of your hair falling out, it does happen. If you are dealing with anxiety or overwhelming amounts of stress check in to see a doctor. Not only should you be worried about your hair loss but also your overall health. Look into meditation or even kickboxing classes to relieve that stress!

Include these foods into your lifestyle.


If you did not know it now, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. Deep conditioning and visiting the best stylist in the world, will not fix your hair problems if you don’t eat proper! Try including foods that have a high source of biotin such as salmon, almonds, avocados and even eggs into your lifestyle and notice the difference.




The great thing about this step towards hair growth is that you’ll be transforming your entire body. Working out will allow high blood flow and force you to drink more water. Stimulation is key, not only to your body but to your hair as well!

Find a hair plan and stick with it.

hair products1

The same way you know how to gain a great butt in the gym, going to do your hair is the same way. Using products that you know your hair will love will encourage hair growth versus using random products each time. Find a hair care routine (and products) that your hair will enjoy and stick with it.

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