Spring Break Go To Styles

Spring Break Braids

Whether you are waiting for spring break to start or you are currently reading this article while lounging on the beach, no one wants to be worried about their hair during vacation! Preparing for spring break can be tough with finals not allowing us much time beforehand but we are here to help to make sure your hair is tight for the week! Here are a few styles we love and think you could use while you’re hopping from day party to the beach and even to dinner:

  • Messy Bun

The Messy Bun is the best effortless look there is. Especially when you’re rushing to an event, party or dinner after your dip in the pool or beach. You can allow your hair some time to air dry and still look good while doing it, plus you won’t be holding up everyone else trying to tame your hair!Fast Beach Waves

Messy Bun

  • Fast Beach Waves

Don’t worry about your hair with this style, you’ll definitely fit in with the beach vibes. It’s also pretty simple to do by creating medium to large loose bantu knots and securing them with bobby pins. Do this at night and when you’re ready, you can pull your hair out, shake it up a little and off you go.

Beach Waves

  • Slick Ponytail

Slick ponytails are an easy fix for after the beach hair. Once you rinse your hair, take your favorite gel and smooth it back in the direction you desire with a hard bristle brush. Make sure you pack a scarf to help set your hair into place and allow the gel to dry; plus you can use this time to get dressed or do your makeup.

Slick POny

  • Braids

Simple cornrow braids look super cute and fashionable, especially 4-5 cornrows straight back and later in the week you can take them out. You will have a tighter wave and 2-in-1 hairstyles are the best, especially on vacation!



Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to pack a travel size shampoo and conditioner for a quick hair rinse after the pool or beach day. Most hotels supply blow dryers so don’t forget to bring heat protectant!

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