Spring Must-Haves for Your Girlfriends with Relaxed Hair

Spring Break Must Haves - Blog Image

Spring is in full-bloom and with the weather changing, it may be hard to figure out what’s the best solution for your hair this season. While you’re getting your body ready for Spring, staying on top of work and trying to keep all things positive, maintaining your hair can be hard!

Every now and again, we need a little help from our friends (and Celebrate Relaxed Hair) to give you tips and products to use. Here’s a list of great  care package ideas to give your girlfriends with relaxed hair!

Get ready for vacation…
A floppy hat to shield your hair from harsh sun rays is just the fix! When it comes to style it can’t just be any old hat, it must be a chic one! Check out some of the options below:


Getting Your Body Ready for Spring…
Worried of sweat messing up your hair? There are lots of headbands that allow you not sweat out your hair while working out. There is no need to stay away from the gym when you have these items in hand. Even after having the the most intense workout of your life!




CRHband3 (1)

Staying on Top of Work…

Are you always moving your hair out of your face while working? You may need some cute and innovative hair accessories to make it easy to focus on your work (and not the hassle of moving your hair)!


Keeping It Positive…
There is no better way to keep things positive and your vibes ready for sunny skies without some awesome hair treatments! Spring & Summer can bring about dry hair due to harsh sun rays but these oils and treatments will do the trick!


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