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Summer “No Heat Challenge”

As summer is rapidly approaching everyone is excited for the warm weather and time off from work. The only worries we have is about the heat on our hair.We’ve already talked about some quick and easy summer styles to get you through these hot months; the summer challenge we’re introducing is just an added balance to give your hair a little break.

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The challenge is called the “No Heat Challenge”. Some of you may have been introduced to this challenge already via social media, if not we’re are introducing it to you here. The concept is to go the entire summer without using any heat tools. The summer is the perfect time to start the “No Heat Challenge” due to the fact that we’re consuming enough heat already. 
There are several  benefits from doing this challenge that your hair will thank you for later: 1.  Abstaining from heat can maintain the natural moistures in your hair and prevent damage. 2. Going heatless can promote hair growth. 3. Accepting this challenge also gives your hair a break and allows you to try out different hairstyles. 
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Starting this month we will begin the challenge.You can style your hair in several styles that we’ve listed in our last post to avoid the heat such as: braids, buns, and ponytails. You can even incorporate all three to last you the entire summer and to switch up your looks.  Let’s give our hair some slack this summer the challenge begins now!
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