The One Mistake You Are Making When You Relax Your Hair at Home

Relaxing your hair at home can seem more convenient but there is a mistake you may be making that could be damaging your hair. At home relaxers are both convenient and inexpensive than going to a salon to get it done. Just like everyone isn’t capable of creating that perfect DIY project, everyone is not capable of relaxing their own hair.


One mistake that could negatively affect the chemical process is keeping the relaxer on too long! Some may think that if you keep my relaxer on longer than recommended then it will make you hair straighter. What it’s really doing is damaging your hair and making it weak. You don’t want this to happen because having strong hair will allow you to combat heat damage, retain moisture and more. This could eventually cause you to spend more money to repair your hair due to excessive shedding and other risks that no one wants.

relaxermistake2 copy

If you’re still not persuaded here are some safe ways to relax your hair at home (in case you can’t get to a trusted professional):

  • Only perm your new growth to prevent over processing.

  • Be sure to wash out all of the perm.

  • Don’t forget to use your neutralizing shampoo to ensure all the nutrients that have been stripped can be restored.

  • Splitting your hair into smaller sections will help you to cover every spot and to ensure you can see where you have new growth.

  • It is much safer and easier to use an application brush so that chemicals are less likely to get on your hands and you can accurately place relaxer where needed.

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