The Pool and relaxed hair

The summer is here that means beach trips, pool events anything including water. All of that sounds fun, but how can we keep our hair healthy when we are in- and- out of the pool and the ocean. The thought of salt and choline sounds damaging right ?

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Here are a couple things you should know salt and choline can be damaging if you don’t properly cleanse your hair of it. So here are a few tips to keep your hair beautiful and healthy while enjoying the water this summer.

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1. Most pools have a rinsing station utilize those after you get out the pool to rinse out the chlorine the best you can before you wash it.

2. Make sure you have a special shampoo that it specially for the pool, these shampoos treat your hair and prevent damage from the pool and ocean. This procedure is for those who do no swim regularly. You can find them at every beauty supply store and Target.

3. For frequent swimmers ,because shampoo can be damaging itself more than once a weekly, we suggest co-washing after the pool. Co-washing is when you use a conditioner instead of a shampoo to cleanse the hair.

3. Another safe option you have is to wear a swim cap.

Enjoy the pool this summer and remember these tips.

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