The Ultimate Hair Washing Routine

Washing Hair

Washing your hair every week to 2 weeks can sometimes be a pain but when we do it with lots of love and with a promising routine; we can get a lot of great results! Often times it’s difficult to make time to care for your tresses but this hair washing routine will make you fall in love with it!
Co-Washing Your Hair Bi-Weekly
Co (conditioner) washing isn’t just for the natural girls but can be very helpful to you as well. Co washes help to wash out extra product and things that may have contributed to build up on your hair. The difference from shampoo washes is that it doesn’t fully strip your hair of all the nutrients it needs to look full, healthy and shiny. Picking your favorite conditioner, washing your hair 2-3 times under luke warm water can make your hair more manageable during the in between shampooing.
Washing Hair 2
Shampoo & Deep Condition Once a Month
A good shampooing and deep condition either at home or in the salon can give your hair the boost it needs to look flawless. Even if you are stretching your relaxers out through several months, deep conditions make your hair stronger to withstand the relaxer chemicals and helps with silky smooth blowouts.
These small changes will help you tremendously month to month with a more manageable washing routine. We’re all busy but we should continue to keep our crown of glory top priority!


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