Time for a Transformation! 5 Hair Changes That Can Amp Up Your Look


Ever been classified as the “safe sister” amongst the family?! Always had the safe style, safe hairstyles and just playing it too safe period?! The holidays always seem to make this more apparent than normal when you come together with your family! Ever wanted to step out of the box and just stick to em! Well, here are some cool hair changes that aren’t too scary to try.

1. Undercuts

This may seem a little out of your comfort zone but isn’t that the great part? Undercuts will help you with a subtle edge when you sweep your hair into a cool top knot or ponytail! When you pull your hair down, you will be officially not a rebel cause the edgy cut will be hidden! So, find a great or barber to make your rebellious hair dreams come to life, check out some options below!

 2. Cut your Hair into a Long Bob

A long bob is a good compromise to cutting your hair but not going overboard with it! Plus, you have enough hair to be up your “lazy girl” buns and still have that cool look of a bob when it’s down!

3. Bangs

Very far from your middle school bangs you rocked in your 7th grade class picture! You can pick from an edgy blunt bang or some side swept bangs to compliment your healthy tresses! Bangs just add a cool new spin to your old look without too much of a commitment! Check the cut looks below!

 4. Change Your Hair Color

An acute hair color change from black/brown to jet black or brown to a copper brown is nice! Not too much for the office but gives you a new look everyone will notice! Don’t forget when you do add color, you must add some extra moisture to your hair and condition often so prevent breakage. This is also a quick inexpensive trick to use for a quick switch-up that you can do at home, if you’re not so sure please consult a professional stylist so you don’t mess up!

5. Try clip-ins

Clip-ins are great! They give some great volume without the 2-month commitment of a sew-in. You can simply clip them into your hair and make it work! It can be very natural looking and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time, check out the video below for a quick tutorial!

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