Tips for Detangling Relaxed Hair

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It’s important to be as careful with our tresses as possible, that includes the shampoo process, curling and combing. One of easiest ways to damage your hair is when you’re detangling it.

Here are some helpful tips on how to properly detangle your hair:

1.Whether your hair is wet or dry, the first step is to apply an oil of your choice to your roots to moisturize and improve blood flow throughout the area.

2. The next step is to finger detangle your hair to remove as much shed hair as possible and separate your hair into four sections.

3. Using a detangling spray is also a big part of the detangling process , it makes the detangling process easier by helping loosen the tangles.

4. Use a wide tooth comb to end the process, the extra wide tooth combs have their teeth spaced well apart to make the combing easier on the scalp and prevent spilt ends.


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