Tips for Growing Brows and Lashes.

It’s not a  secret that thicker eyebrows look better, and are definitely in style! Many women (and men) suffer from having over waxed, threaded, tweezed or shaved eyebrows and have no clue how to grow them back into full luscious beautiful brows! This is the same for lashes too! So we did a little research, and found some tips that can help you with growing out your brows and lashes! Check them out below, but remember, all remedies react differently to each persons body. Make sure you are eating healthy foods, like salmon and sunflower seeds, staying hydrated, and taking vitamins, that all support natural hair growth as well.


grow hair 1


Take Vitamins

Are you a fan of nuts or tomatoes? These snacks and veggies contain Vitamin E, which is a key vitamin for hair growth! If your not a fan of those foods, you can try vitamins such as Hairfinity or even general over the counter Biotin for strengthening of your brows, hair and lashes.


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Stop Touching Your Brows!

Think about it, you tweeze, wax or fix your brows some type of way when they grow out right? Well don’t! Try waiting 2-3 months before you touch your brows to gain maximum growth so you that you don’t disturb any of the growth process. Use concealer in between your growth months to manage the look of your brows.

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Grab a Cotton Ball and Your Oils!

Look on any beauty blog or Instagram page and you will find castor oil and coconut oil as a few home remedies to grow out your brows and lashes. Take a cotton ball, dip it in castor oil, rub it on your brows, massage and leave it on over night. For your lashes rub the oil on your eyelids.  With coconut oil rub it in on your brows with your fingers!


grow hair 4Vaseline and Brushing

Two other ways to gain growth in your lashes are rubbing Vaseline on eyelids and brush your lashes with any of the oils mentioned! We have to brush the hair on our head for growth so brush those lids and brows too!


At the end of the day, we all want long hair (in the right places)! Make sure that you clean your face every night and be gentle when taking off eye makeup. There is nothing worse than having clogged pores but wanting fast results! We hope this article was helpful and that it helps you get the brows and lashes you wish for.

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