Tips to retain the thickness in your hair:

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Tips to retain the thickness in your hair:

The ultimate hair goal for every woman is to have thick gorgeous hair. Thick hair can be easily styled and exemplifies healthy hair. Here are some tips to keep your hair thick and healthy.

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Stretch relaxers

Most people think that your hair can only go 6 weeks without a relaxer. Your hair can go a little longer than that if you take good care of it. The straightness of your hair can last past a month. A good relaxer stretch can be from 3-5 months. The relaxer stretch can help you keep the thickness and body in your hair and give your roots time to grow out. Getting a good press on your roots and wrapping your hair every night will keep your style maintained until your next relaxer.

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Choosing the right relaxer for you

Everyone’s hair is different. The right relaxer for your friend may not be the best for your hair. You should research different types of relaxers for your hair based on your hair strength and hair type. Using the wrong relaxer can cause breakage and thinning of your hair.

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Pre relaxer process

It’s very important to base your hair before every chemical process. The base process protects your hair from protein loss and protects from damage to the cuticle.

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Bi Weekly protein treatments

Protein treatments are reconstructors for the hair. They bring the hair back to life and gives it the proper nutrients it needs to continue to thrive. Doing a bi weekly treatment strengthens the hair and retains the natural thickness of the follicle.

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Ladies utilize these tips to keep your beautiful hair thick and healthy.

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