Too Cute for the gym? Use these products and techniques to save your hair while working out!

It has all crossed our minds and seems logical that we should not step foot near a gym or even think about working out after our hair is done. Think about it, who really wants to sweat out their hair after a long-awaited hair appointment and mess up their perfect selfies! Nevertheless, as women on the go, we shouldn’t have to make a choice between having our hair done and being physically fit, because in reality that is no way to live. Check out a few workout tips and items that you can use to keep your hair and body looking amazing.


Hair Tips

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Throw it in a bun.

After a few days of having your hair down you will eventually want to keep it out of your face. This is the perfect time to go workout. You can through your hair in a high or low bun and still keep a cute style.

Pin Curl It.

Forming your hair in pin curls can be the perfect style for at home workouts. You can stay in and workout, then venture out at night or you can work out at night and have fresh curls in the morning!

Use a head wrap.

And we are not talking about an old cotton one either! Nicole Ari Parker’s Gymwrap is perfect and actually works to absorb your sweat and not mess up your hair or edges.


Workout Tips



Doing 4 sets of 20, whether is be squats, lunges, sits up or push-ups will help you in between your in-depth sweaty workouts to maintain your body! You can even search online for other simple workouts that fit your needs. 


We all walk but going from your car to your office chair does not count. Try using the stairs instead of the elevator and bring shoes to work so that you can walk around your block! They may be simple but these changes in your life can make a difference. 



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