What Your Hair Can Say About You

A woman’s hairstyle can say a lot about her personality. There are women who change their hair every week, and then there are those who keep the same style, either way your personality shows through! We found a few celebrities who changed their hair throughout their career which changed the way we looked at their personality. Check out how their hairstyles, demeanors and even facial features changed rocking different looks over the years! You may feel inspired to change your own hair style!



ciara-hair-1 ciara-hair-2

Remember when Ciara had cornrows straight back during her third album Fantasy Ride? This was definitely a different side of Ciara, and that album showed it! Now a newly married, and happily in love Ciara, has been wearing a lot of soft and sweet hairstyles. Look how she’s changed it up earlier this year with an intricate but beautiful crown braid for Paris Fashion Week! Can you say sweet angel!






Who says all short hair has to look the same? Rihanna has rocked a few different short styles during her career but our favorites (and probably most memorable) are her short cuts! From 2009-2012 Riri rocked a black short cut giving us vibes of woman empowerment and sexiness. When a pink wig appeared in 2014 we couldn’t get enough of this energetic free spirit!



beyonce-hair-1 beyonce-hair-3

Let’s just face it, any way Queen B styles her hair, we are going to love it. In 2013 during the video release of her self titled album, Beyonce sported a wavy bob that gave off a mix between edgy and the girl next door! The year after we see Beyonce sport down to earth box braids, she was definitely preparing to get into formation! Way to switch it up B!


Keke Palmer

ke-ke-palmer-hair-1 ke-ke-palmer-hair-2

Now this singer, actress, writer and all around amazing young woman switches her hair every week! From shaved off cuts telling us she is not a force to be reckoned with, to senegalese twist letting us know she is one of the girls who is down for whatever. We love every style that Keke portrays!


Meagan Good

meagan-good-hair-1 meagan-good-hair-2

Who is a better person to show going from sexy to eccentric? Meagan Good! It is not a secret she has been an American sex symbol on the big screen and her short asymmetrical cut definitely adds to that description. When she started to wear faux locks a couple years back, she showed a new side, an eccentric bohemian one!

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