Who Said Pony Tails Couldn’t Be Sexy?

For many of us, since we were children, we have worn our hair in box braids, corn rows, up do styles, press and curls, and we have experimented with many other different hair styles. However, one style we will always wear is the pony tail! As we’ve gotten older, we’ve learned how to transform the “kiddy” pony tail into a sexy pony tail! Sexy pony tails can be the ones that you slick back to show your facial features,  or the ones that you add a few everyday pieces to which accent your crown. Check out these celebrity pony tails that we deem to be sexy and even easy to recreate.


Kim Kardashian’s Smooth Slick Back


Nothing screams sexy like a beautiful full face that you can see! Kim K uses her slick pony tail to accentuate her facial features. Try using styling gel, a hard brush and 2 hair bands to recreate the look!


Ciara’s Sexy Leave Out


At the 2016 American Music Awards, Ciara made sure she brought sexy to the event. Although this look may seem simple, it’s definitely sexy. Leaving out a few strands of hair in strategic places makes a controlled messy pulled back bun a little more exciting! Try using a small fine comb to section your strategic hairs to recreate this look!


Lala’s Queen Style


During the New York Season 3 Premiere of Power LaLa made sure everyone knew she was not a force to be reckoned with. With adding a large gold hair accessory, she made her simple pony tail a style that any queen would wear! Try finding an old necklace and Bobby pins to recreate this look!


Gabrielle Union’s Classic Woman 


Now Gabrielle Union is known for having her hair down but when it goes into a pony tail, it’s always perfect. Her classic sock bun turned sexy when she added a few twist in the design. Try using styling gel, bobby pins, a hard brush and hair bands to recreate this look!


Karrueche’s Spicy Ponytail 


Who said sexy couldn’t be fun? Karrueche shocked us all with this spicy high pony tail with a lot of body! We are glad she didn’t leave her hair straight because the added waves made her look great! Try braiding the hair left out of your pony tail to recreate this look!

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